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《SALE!》BSA Buccaneer SE 4.5mm

英國BSA﹣PCP高性能充氣式長槍 連原廠瞄準鏡
10發彈輪/來福線槍管/可調校板機/意大利Minelli 櫸木柄
附送原廠Essencial 3-9x 40mm 瞄準鏡及插座

Special Price:$5,580(原價$7,980)

The BSA brand, gunmaking legacy in the past decades, due to the progressive worsening of the gun laws in the United Kingdom; it still survives as a very well-regarded manufacturer of airguns for sport shooting, hunting and pest control, most of which are still manufactured in the BSA's historical hometown of Birmingham.
One of these is the Buccaneer SE, a pre-compressed pneumatic (PCP) multipurpose airgun currently available on the international markets for the joy of airgun enthusiasts worldwide.
Power: Under 2 Joules for Hong Kong
Magazine Capacity: 10 shots
Overall Length:
98cm/ 39in
Barrel Length: 47cm/ 18.5in
Weight: 3.5kg/ 7.7lbs