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ND•3x40 SUBZERO Long Distance Laser Designator 《已售罄 Sold Out》



ND•3® x40 - Long Distance Laser Designator - The Ultimate Night Vision Solution
The ND-3® x40 Laser Designator features a new 40mm lens and is part of the newest precision optical lighting instruments using advanced green laser technology. The patented Rotary Optical Collimator uses a system of 9 fully multi-coated lenses that allows full adjustment and control of the beam diameter and intensity to focus light where needed the most. Rotating the collimator to minimum settings, it creates a bright micro beam of green laser light visible up to 3 miles or “paint a target” at up to 400 yards. Turning the collimator to more open settings provides plenty of illumination for closer objects or targets. The ND-3® x40 is power by two CR123 3V batteries.
Unparalleled source of illumination for target acquisition or illumination at night
Anyone who needs long distance illumination in warmer climates of 40˚ F. or above, we recommend the ND-3®x40 Laser Designator. However, if your missions are taking place in colder climates of 40˚ F. or below, then the ND-3x40 Subzero™ is better suited for you. This model is specifically designed to operate in subzero temperatures without loss of intensity or power.
Why Green Laser
Research has proven that green light is the most visible to the human eye (See Chart) and requires the least amount of eye adjustment at night. An eye that has adapted to daytime conditions generally has a maximum sensitivity around 555nm. Compared to the color red which optical spectrum is around 630 – 650nm our eye is closer to the Green region of the optical spectrum at 510 - 530nm.
> Precision machined from high tech aluminum
> Black matte anodized finish
> Fully O-Ring sealed for dust and water
> Fully Multi-Coated optical lens system
> Nitrogen charged for anti-fog
> 1” Tube adapts to multiple mounting systems
> Dimensions: 9,45”L X 2.0” DIA. X 1.0" Dia. Tube
> Weight: 12 OZ.
> Power Supply: 2 CR123A Batteries (Incl.)
> Output Power: 40mW