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GAMO "Compact" Air Pistol


Careful craftsmanship, precision engineering, quality of materials... and tradition makes this pistol the ideal colleague to compete...

· Calibers: .177 in (4.5 mm).
· Initial Velocity: Approx. 280 ft/s

· Power:
Modified under 2 Joules for Hong Kong
· High specification competition model with a single shot mechanism.
· Pneumatic pre-compressed system with valve.
· Recoil and vibration free.
· Barrel made of precision rifled steel.
· Two stage trigger with the first stage adjustable.
· 180° adjustable trigger pale.

· Adjustable sight for both windage and elevation.
· The rear sight is also adjustable from open to close.

· Grip: fine selected grade of walnut wood.
· Anatomical grip, stippled for better control, with adjustable palm shelf.
· Checkering: laser carved to avoid slippage.

· Padded hard case included.

· Weight: 2 lb (0,91 kg).
· Length: 12,60 in (32 cm).
· Ammunition: pellets of all shapes.
· High precision maximizing the accuracy and grouping.
· Calibers: .177 in (4.5 mm).