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GAMO Extreme CO2

西班牙GAMO CO2壓縮氣長槍
半自動連發(10發)/使用88g CO2壓縮氣(亦可加配件用12g氣)/來褔線槍管/可調式前光纖準星/兩段式板機

“Full Power Action Shooting”
The Gamo Extreme CO2 is the new way of feeling the CO2: innovation, power and action in an exclusive rifle able to shoot 10 pellets in rapid time, thanks to the long life CO2 cylinder.

· Rifled barrel
· 10 pellet charger
· Two-stage trigger
· Cocking safety
· Trigger Safety

· Anti-shock composite stock
· Ambidextrous stock
· Ergonomic design
· Rubber grips
· Ventilated butt pad

· Fibre optic sights
· Adjustable rear sights
· Front sight
· Grooved cylinger for optics

· Power: Modified under 2 Joules for Hong Kong
· Weight: 7.72 lb
· Length: 43.31 in
· Calibers: .177 in (4,5 mm)