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BSA Scorpion SE - PCP Air Rifle

英國BSA﹣PCP高性能充氣式長槍 連原廠瞄準鏡
10發彈輪/來福線槍管/兩段式板機/意大利Minelli 櫸木柄
4.5mm版本及5.5mm版本同樣附送原廠較高級的ADVANCED 2.5-10x 50mm IR瞄準鏡及插座

The new BSA Scorpion SE redefines the hunting carbine and moves the sporting rifle standard to a new level, giving serious shooters a package of features they could previously only dream of. With full power and match-level accuracy, this perfectly balanced rifle has handling characteristics that make fast target acquisition and total control second nature. The Scorpion SE becomes part of your shooting and will help you achieve your full sporting potential.
Designed and built in Birmingham, the Scorpion SE comes with passion as standard, because at BSA we are passionate about our guns and your shooting.

Air Resevoir Volume: 96cc Approx
Shot Count 12ftlb: .177 (4.5mm)=65 / .22 (5.5mm)=100
Valve Type: Self Regulating
Barrel Thread: 1/2" UNF
Power: Under 2 Joules for Hong Kong
Overall Length: 88cm/35in
Barrel Length: 38.5cm/15.2in
Weight: 3.1kg/6.8lbs